Ramesh Kumar Mishra

Ramesh Kumar Mishra
SpecializationSanskrit for Class 6th to 12th & College
EducationM.A. (Hindi & Sanskrit) Ph.D.
SpecializationHindi for Class 6th to 12th & College
EducationM.A. (Hindi & Sanskrit) M.ED
Ramesh Mishra's Overview

Teaching Sanskrit and Hindi Language, Language Interpreter/ translator

Dr. Ramesh Mishra A down to earth man, inspite of his masterly knowledge of Hindi and Sanskrit, Ramesh Mishra has been a source of inspiration for many. His pupils and contemporary scholars themselves masters in their own rights, respect his depth of knowledge and still draw valuable advice from him.

The Benefits of Sanskrit Study:
  1. Intelligence and rich structure of the grammar.
  2. Soothing & calming effects of the ancient Vedic prayers.
  3. transformative power of Sanskrit sounds.
  4. language of Divinity, language of gods.
My Specialization:
  1. Information regarding rich Bhartiya Culture & Heritage.
  2. 100% Result Oriented background.
  3. Deep insight / intuition in referred languages.
  4. Vast teaching experience (Since 20 Years) of secondary / Sr. Secondary of all Recognized Boards.

I have been offering following levels of classes for Sanskrit and Hindi:

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Ramesh Kumar Mishra
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