Specialization  Sanskrit for Class 6th to 12th College
Education  M.A. (Hindi & Sanskrit) Ph.D
Specialization  Hindi for Class 6th to 12th College
Education  M.A. (Hindi & Sanskrit) ME.D

Ramesh Mishra's Overview

Teaching Sanskrit and Hindi Language, Language Interpreter/ translator

Dr. Ramesh Mishra is a highly motivated Sanskrit scholar dedicated to Teaching and nurturing of student and promoting Sanskrit as a living, modern, spoken language. He also seeks to create awareness about the power of our 'Sanskriti' from thoughts to languages in our lives with a special emphasis on the transformative power of Sanskrit sounds which can serve as an aid to a more peaceful and healthier individual and collective living.

My Aim:

  1. Introducing modern generations an ancient language like Sanskrit.
  2. My teaching approach is comprehensive, scientific, and focus on concepts.
  3. Spreading transformative power of Sanskrit.

For Parents:

As a parent you may choose private tuition for your children to help a child who has temporarily fallen behind to catch up, to learn a subject outside the school environment, or to stretch your child further or give closer attention to the needs of your child than is possible in a classroom environment. Home tuition can raise levels of school performance, help a child to increase their confidence, enjoyment and motivation in a subject and develop study skills and discipline that can be applied across a number of subjects.

8-12 is the best age to ignite curiosity and inculcate the practice of self learning in children. By the time children reach class 9th or 10th, the load of heavy text books and scary exams increase on children.

A child needs to feel comfortable expressing himself and trying things the way he/she wants to. This brings out the best creativity in the child.

In the current age where so much of knowledge is available on internet, the role of teachers needs to change in such a way where they encourage and guide children on how to find the solution instead of giving them the solution.

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